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Arthur Morel Van Hyfte <Dance Trapeze>

Arthur Morel Van Hyfte [France] : Dance Trapeze


- Cirque du Soleil “Zumanity”

- Cirque du Soleil “One Night for One Drop ”

- Cirque Eloize

- Celebrity Cruises

- La Soirée


- National Circus school of Montreal

- Ecole nationale de cirque de Chatellerault

Act Synopsis

I wait, incandescent, I fall.

In my story there is a song, deep and secret who asks for hatching. This song hidden in each existence, each person, and that often stays remains buried.

Bare feet in the ashes, I wait…

I look/seek around in the debris, the memories, without really knowing what.

I see that around me the plants have already grown too large and that the rain drips on the great green leafs.

It’s not real sadness, it’s more like a painful shrug.

So I leave, by instinct or mistake, I’m on my way. I walk alone on the road, I forget.

I am summer, heat, storm, this wild child, this nature. Because that’s the way we are, infinitely great and free.

His father, a costume designer, and his mother, a stage director and actress, introduced him to the creative arts. He quickly developed a passion for visual arts, theatre and later both contemporary and Ballet.

He discovered dance trapeze, a very young discipline entering the national circus school of Chatellerault (France). It was there that Arthur realized his opportunity to push his dance skills and blend the two forms in perfect symbiosis. Dance-trapeze is a unique discipline that allows the artist to encompass a variety of spaces from the air to the ground."

Facebook Official Page : Arthur - Artiste de Cirque

Instagram : arthur.morelvanhyfte


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