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Daria / Sara / Marinella <Aerial Hoop>

Daria Sobelman [Russia] : Aerial Tissu, Hoop

- Cirque Du Soleil “The Beatles LOVE”

- One Night For One Drop

- Aqua Show in China, Shenzhen

- Moscow On Ice in Italy/South Korea

- Nikulin Moscow Circus

Sara Knauer [USA] : Aerial Tissu

- Cirque Du Soleil “The Beatles LOVE”

- Aloft Circus Arts in Chicago

Marianella Michaud [Canada] : Dance Trapeze

- Cirque Du Soleil “The Beatles LOVE”

- Cirque Du Soleil “IRIS”

- Cavalia

Daria / Sara / Marinella <Aerial Hoop>

Q1. Can you describe yourself?

A1. Daria : I'm a gypsy.

A1. Sara : I’m a twitchy baby bird, or maybe a curious ferret.

A1. Marianella : I am a passionate free bird.

Q2. Can you describe circus with one word?

A2. D : Illusion

A2. S : Audacious

A2. M : Playful

Q3. Which animal would you like to be?

A3. D : A Mermaid or a dolphin.

A3. S : A spider monkey.

A3. M : A bird. So I could travel the world.

Q4. What is the thing that makes you the most happy?

A4. D : To see joy in people. When people experience beauty of art or they feel vulnerable, when people experience true happiness.

A4. S : Finding new paths and possibilities.

A4. M : To be able to share my joy of life with the world. Either on stage or dancing Argentine tango.

Daria / Sara / Marinella <Aerial Hoop>

Q5. If you could choose, would you be a male or female aerialist? Why?

A5. D : If I could choose, I'd still choose to be a female. I'm proud to be a woman. Woman is such a unique creature. We can be strong, we can be weak but even our weakness it is our strength. And if you are female you have more chances to be flexible. I like to be flexible!

A5 S : Both. Or neither. I think circus is at its best when it defies convention and schemata, and power and grace are infinitely more compelling in concert.

A5. M : Female. I just love the elegancy and lines, and yet strength of women in the air.

Thank you Daria, Sara and Marianella!!!

Daria Sobeman

  Facebook : Dasha Sobelman

  Instagram : dashasobelman

Sara Knauar

 Facebook : Sara Knauer

Marianella Michaud

  Facebook official page : Marianella Michaud

 Instagram : nellamichaud

  Official Website : Marianella Michaud


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