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Ekaterina Shustova <Aerial Silk>

Ekaterina Shustova [Russia] : Aerial Silk, Straps


- SILVER medal at International Circus Festival "Idol 2016" in Moscow, Russia, 2016

- BRONZE medal at 7th International Festival of Circus Art in Izhevsk, Russia, 2014

- BRONZE medal at International Circus Festival "Première Rampe" in Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2007

- GOLD medal at International Youth Circus Festival in Moscow, Russia, 2003

- BRONZE medal at Youth Festival Circo de Latina in Italy, 2003


- Cirque du Soleil "ZED"

- Cirque du Soleil "Mystere"

- Nikulin Circus in Moscow

- Flic Flac Circus in Germany

- 8th World Premiere "Monte Carlo Yachts" "MC6" in Germany

- FUNAMBULA, Dream Cast Entertainment in Biloxi, USA

Ekaterina comes from a circus family. She began her performing career in 1997 when she was eight years old with aerial Circeau (ring) in Circus Dannebrog in Denmark. After two years she developed an aerial straps act and began performing in Circus Mundial in Spain.  Later in 2003, she won several medals in circus festivals. 

Facebook Official Page : Ekaterina Shustova


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