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HK Visuals <Photographer>

HK Visuals (Haze Kware) [France] : Photographer


He is a French photographer based in Strasbourg, France. 

He decided to create HK Visuals in 2013. He is specialized in performing arts photography and have been mainly developing this series entitled “InMotion”. First dedicated to dancers, it is now opened to circus artists and athletes. 

He emphasizes the art of the artists with his gritty, edgy pictures. He is pushing his vision further everyday, choosing and working in unusual locations like the Palace of fire arts in San Francisco, The Stadtbibliothek in Stuttgart, or the National and University Library in Strasbourg.

He carries this project worldwide to reach foreign less known cultures.

Q1. How did you start your career? 

A1. I picked up my first camera in 2010 but video was my first love. I covered events and concerts and captured only live performances at the time. After a while, I naturally started making more still images as more clients came in. I became a full-time photographer in 2013.

Q2. Do you have any messages in your photography?

A2. A complex question that I will not be able to answer completely right now. I don't want to bring anything special to photography except my own voice. I want to share my vision of the world. I want people to be amazed by the people that I photograph, by the places they may know or may discover through my photography, I want them to be inspired!

Q3. What do you do? What is important for you to create the images?

A3. I travel, I meet people, artists, performers off and on stage... I watch movies... That's what feeds me every day.

Q4. What do you love about to be a photographer? 

A4. Personally, it helps me escape reality... I love getting lost in the moment!

Q5. What is the challenge for you? 

A5. Making a living out of my main challenge! I still meet people that think it cannot be considered as a real job. So many people do not understand what goes on behind an image. The tools, the experience, the preparation, the knowledge, the long list of ingredients that are necessary to create great images is generally ignored by the majority. 

My challenge is to be worry free and be able to create and tell stories without limits.

Q6. Do you have any plans/goals/dreams? 

A6. I would love to relaunch my video projects... Otherwise, my goal is simple: being able to take pictures and travel as long as I can.  

Q7. What does your talent bring good into your life?

A7. I meet a lot of amazing people, that inspires me every day. I get to visit and work in places that sometimes are not open to the public. Photography has taught me to see the world differently and that sometimes things are not what they appear to be.

Behind the scenes Dance photoshoot by HK Visuals

Thank you Haze!!

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Website : HK Visuals

Instagram : hkvisuals

Facebook : HK Visuals

YouTube : HK Visuals


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