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Maria Sarah <Contortion>

Maria Sarah [Russia] : Contortion 


- Special prize at the international circus festival SOLyCIRCO in Sylt Germany, 2009

- Special prize at the IV World Festival of Circus Art in Moscow, 2009

- The prizewinner at the International Circus Festival "City of Latina" in Italy, 2009

- Bronze medal at the Festival "European Youth Circus" in Wiesbaden, Germany, 2008

- Silver medal at the "Princess of Russian Circus" Festival in Saratov, 2005


- Americas Got Talent

- Cirque Du Soleil “JOYA”

- Absinthe Las Vegas USA

- Conelli Circus Switzerland

- Wintervariete Ladenburg Germany

- Da Capo Variete, Darmstadt Germany

- Dinnershow Schubecks Teatro, Munich Germany

- Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Las Vegas USA

- Dinnershow Palazzo Colombino, Basel Switzerland; Singapor 

- Tiger Palast Variete, Frankfurt Germany

Act Synopsis

"Settle down" -  A fun, colorful and cheeky act that tells the story of a woman trying to escape the "boxes" she has been put in by society. It is an emotional yearning of stepping out and be original and not staying between the lines. Innocent, hopeful yet sensual and charismatic.  

Giulio Scatola, the autor of idea, the creator and choreographer of these act.

It was already our third creation and we wanted to do something completely different - another character, another style. For me personally its such a big challenging and the experiment with myself: I try to open me as a different person. So we did the creation two years ago, but it was still not finished and I had no chance to perform with it. And my best friend, Maxim Helmut who is the director and the artist too, helped me to work on the important details in the act, he inspired me to make a filming of the act - and we worked hard to make it possible. 

Concept and choreography - Giulio Scatola,

Directed by- Maxim Helmut 

Maria Sarach comes from a famous Russian circus family. She started learning various disciplines in the panorama of circus arts as a child. Maria has already the chance to perform in numerous Russian cities as well as in several international and european Circus Festivals. Maria Sarach has been performing the trick in a genre of plastic equilibre for five years. In her performance she combines contortionism and equilibrium elements to form an impressive and consistent piece of art.

Official website : Maria Sarach


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