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Stephanie Gasparoli <Duplex Trapeze>

Stephanie Gasparoli [Switzerland] : Duplex/Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Silk


- GOLD medal at Circus Princessan in Stockholm, 1998

- SILVER medal at Cirque De Demain Festival in Paris, France, 1998

- BRONZE medal at Int. Acrobatic Frestival Wuqiao in China, 1997

- BRONZE medal at En Piste in Belgium, 1995

- SILVER medal at Primiere Rampe in Monte Carlo, Monaco, 1992


- Cirque du Soleil "Joya”

- Cirque du Soleil "Kooza”

- Cirque du Soleil "Quidam”

- Cirque du Soleil "Chemins invisible”

- Cirque du Soleil "Algeria”

- Cirque du Soleil "Varekai”

- Circus Knie

- Circus Krone

Act Synopsis

"It's about freedom while being unreachable..."

At age 7 she started her circus career by joining a youth circus in her hometown Basel/Switzerland. After studying at the Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal under Victor Fomin, She toured the world working in different circuses and varieties and participating in various festivals before joining Cirque du Soleil in 2003.

Facebook Official Page : Stephanie Gasparoli, Aerial Art


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