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Vinie Canovas <Aerial Straps>

Vinie Canovas [France] : Aerial Straps, Loop

Aerialist touring for 10 years with Cirque du Soleil

"I work hard hard hard, knowing that Repetition is the key to success!!!! I believe that with patience and dedication I’ll make it happen."


- Cirque du Soleil "Totem"

- Cirque du Soleil "Amaluna"

- Cirque du Soleil "Saltimbanco"

Vinie Canovas <Aerial Straps>

Q1. How is touring life?

A1. Touring life is fun and hard at the same time…

I have been touring for 10 years now with Cirque du Soleil. 3 years in Arena with Saltimbanco , 5 years with Amaluna and now with Totem in big top. Basically we stay 5 to 8 weeks in each city with a week off between cities. We work from tuesday to sunday, We do average of 9 shows a week, with only Monday off and sometimes we get a double dark (monday, tuesday ).

The fun side of touring life is that we get to visit amazing cities, discover new cultures and traditions. At work, We have everything we need and provided for us. Kitchen all day long , washing machines, we have a tour services department that take care of immigration, medical paper work, lodging etc…

The connection we make with people on tour is very strong as your co-worker become your second family and mostly friends for life.

The hard part of touring life is that every new city requires a new adaptation. Getting familiar to a new environment, finding the closest grocery store or pharmacy for example, figuring out how to get to work, changing apartment/bed also is not always easy. The hardest part for me to be honest is to only have one day off. I find that for the reality of our job it’s not always enough. Also being away from my family and my fiancé is pretty tough. That’s why it’s very important to create good friendship with the people on tour to avoid feeling lonely or home sick.

Q2. What is the best part of being a circus artist?

A2. To me, the best part of being a circus artist is to be on stage!!! The feeling that it brings to me is pretty unique I would say. It’s the only place where I feel good, I don’t think about anything but enjoying myself and make an impact for the audience so they can go back home with the head and the heart fulfilled of magic because of the live experience they just witnessed. Sharing my passion and expressing myself through my art is a gift that I cherish everyday. Being a circus artist also means working with other amazing circus artists and that is something pretty cool as it just get me motivated and so inspired to watch them train and perform with so much talent and passion!

Q3. What is the challenge for you?

A3. I would say the routine of doing over and over the same thing everyday on stage… I have to find different ways to keep it interesting and fun. So before going on stage I would create a story/theme and go on stage with that intention in mind. It helps to make my performance more fun and less repetitive. Managing my training and my fatigue is hard because of the work load of the show schedule is also a challenge… I am a hard worker so I like to train to get better but also to feel better with myself, to feel proud and productive with my day and with 9 shows a week and only one day off sometimes I wonder how I am gonna be able to do the show but I always do it so I guess it’s a matter of believing in yourself.


Q6. What is your dream?

A6. Well, my dream is becoming more and more true. From the first time I came to visit a friend performing in Las vegas, I fell in love with this city. So it became my dream to work/live in Las vegas. I have got my green card last year, my fiancé works in las vegas now and we just bought a beautiful house. So I guess my dream is almost complete. But I have set a new dream in my mind,Ii want to have a few little businesses that will bring positive in people’s lives. I want to be able to have a positive impact in others and inspire them to have a better way of living. I know it will be a lot of work and figure out but I believe that with patience and dedication I’ll make it happen.

Q7. Could you give your advices for young artists?

A7. There are so many advices I can give to young artists as I have learned so much during my career. So here are a few…

- Get out of your comfort zone if you want to be creative. 

- Don’t look to other artists as a competition but as a source of inspiration and motivation.

- Take care of your body, be smart with your training and recovery. Your body is your tool. So eat well, drink enough water and go to bed early!!!!

- Be patient with yourself. If you are dedicated, disciplined and motivated you will get to where you want to be…

- Ask for outside feedback and help. You’ll need it at some point!!!

- Start your training in a positive mind and it will be a productive training.

- Feed yourself with daily little challenges.

- Find your own way of moving, your style and vocabulary. Don’t copy others.

- Be strong.

- Be open.

- Be nice to others. 

- Be willing to learn.

Thank you Vinie!

Instagram : vin_fly


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