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Fine Art Photography Series


7 chakras

One day, this idea came into my mind that my body is borrowed, and I need to give it back someday.

Maybe this body is given to learn something specific in this life. 

Since then, I start investing in myself and the more I connect to myself the more I find the beauty in my life. 


In this photo series, each performers represents 7 ways to love and cultivate ourselves based on chakra meanings. I hope these photos remind you how to love yourself and celebrate this life. 

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Model :

Tiffany De Alba-Chelaru / Haley Rose Viloria / Fernando Miro / Tsvetelina Tabakova / Misa Sugiuama / Benedikt Bence / Marina Boutina


Photographer/Director : Mai Sato

Calligrapher : Ai Kishimoto 

Hair and Makeup : Izumi 

Fabric designer : Mai Chabira

Assistant Director : Mai Chabira  / Misa Sugiuama

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