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Sabine Van Rensburg <Aerial Silk>

Sabine Van Rensburg [South Africa] : Aerial Silk, Chinese Pole, Duo Trapeze


- Zip Zap Circus


- Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montreal

- Zip Zap Circus School

- Natalie Lissack School of Ballet

Act Synopsis

‘A Smile’ invites the audience to play in a reality in which the woman is demonstrated in a rare and pure form. Sabine explores the multiple personalities of a woman (perhaps herself) desperately trying to keep it together, hiding behind her cheeky grin- in a world where nothing seems constant. Join her on a journey where the conventional woman is faced with herself. Who knows how long we can stay sane for.

Circus was a natural fit for Sabine. Seeing as both her parents were high-flying trapeze artists and the co-founders of the Zip Zap Circus School in Cape Town, South Africa - she spent majority of her childhood and adolesence there. She debuted as a 6 year-old flyer in an Adagio routine. 

She has training in classical and contemporary dance at the Natalie Lissack School of Ballet. In 2018, she will be graduating with a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Circus Arts (DEC).

She is also extremely passionate about helping the community and does this through the medium of circus. She has taught in several programmes for the Zip Zap Circus- some of which work with children born HIV positive - aiming to bring children together to bridge the racial divides, creating a safe environment to grow and learn. Sabine brings an innovative dynamic energy to Aerial Silks, incorporating many well-researched release tricks, topped with an infectious grin. 

Facebook Official Page : Sabine Van Rensburg - Circus Artist


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