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Giulia Piolanti <Aerial Straps>

Giulia Piolanti [Italy] : Aerial straps, Hoop, Silk, Pole Dancing


- 2nd place at International Pole Championship, 2010


- Teatro ZinZanni - Cirque du Soleil “LUZIA”

- Cirque du Soleil “TORUK”

- Cirque du Soleil “Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour”

- Cirque du Soleil “ZED”

Giulia Piolanti <Aerial Straps>

Q1. Could you describe yourself?

A1. I am a feline creature in search of any beauty in life. I have chosen to fly to see the stars and I have chosen to dance like a cat, sinuously, to touch the soul.

Q2. How do you feel when you are on stage?

A2. The stage is where my emotions are dancing together in a whirlwind of passion and solid strength. The audience and their hearts are my motivation.

Q3. How do you over come difficulties?

A3. I wouldn’t want a life without difficulties. I face my fears realizing exactly where I want to be and what I want.

Q4. What career would you like to choose if you’re not circus artist?

A4. It’s almost impossible to see my life different than being a circus performer, but if I could choose anything else, I would choose to be a chef and create art with what the earth is giving us.

Q5. Which color is your favorite? And how does that color make you feel?

A5. Purple. Because it’s red and blue together, the passion, the mystery and the darkness.

Giulia Piolanti <Aerial Straps>

Thank you! Giulia!!!

Facebook : Giulia Piolanti

Instagram : purplegiu


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