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Otto BG <Aggressive In Line Skating>

Otto BG [Colombia] : Aggressive In Line Skating, Roller-Freestyle


- 1st place at Russia European Championship 2012

- 1st place at Netherlands European Championship 2013

- 1st place at Italy International Roller Cup 2013

- 3rd place at China X-Games 2013

- Los 22MAS award recognition by the Colombian embassy in Washington D.C 2017 as one of the most successful Colombian athletes in the USA


- Cirque du Soleil "LOVE"

- Showtime France

- Hurricane Events

- Show Del Aire

- OBG Entertainment

Otto BG <Aggressive In Line Skating>

Q1. Could you describe yourself in short sentence?

A1. I describe myself as the wind.

Q2. What is the best word to express how it feels when you skate?

A2. Freedom

Q3.What does skating bring into your life?

A3. It brings me happiness and challenges along with the satisfaction of achievement.

Q4. What is family to you?

A4. Family is everything the way I experience love daily.

Q5. What is the most important thing for your life?

A5. God

Otto BG <Aggressive In Line Skating>

Thank you! Otto!!!

Facebook : Otto BG

Instagram : otto_bolanos


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