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Jazmin LeFae <Contortion Straps>

Jazmin LeFae [USA] : Contortion, Aerial straps


- Cirque du Soleil at Sea

- Cirque du Soleil and Nevada Ballet Theatre present A Choreographers' Showcase

- Freelance Artist

Q1. Could you describe yourself in short sentence?

A1. Quiet perfectionist. Frenchbulldog enthusiast. Collector of shoes. My mom is my best friend.

Q2. How do you see your body?

A2. Like a bowl of spaghetti...

Q3. Do you see that in someone else’s body too?

A3. I try to not compare. Uniqueness is intriguing.

Q4. What is convenience or inconvenience for you to be so flexible?

A4. What convenience for me is I can bend in half anytime, anywhere.

What inconvenience for me is straight handstands and squats are a struggle!

Q5. If you could change anything in the world, what would you like to change?

A5. Many things. Equality.

Thank you! Jazmin!!!

Facebook : Jazmin LeFae

Instagram : jazzy.long.legs

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