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Jazmin LeFae <Contortion Straps>

Jazmin LeFae [USA] : Contortion, Aerial straps


- Cirque du Soleil at Sea

- Cirque du Soleil and Nevada Ballet Theatre present A Choreographers' Showcase

- Freelance Artist

Jazmin LeFae <Contortion Straps>

Q1. Could you describe yourself in short sentence?

A1. Quiet perfectionist. Frenchbulldog enthusiast. Collector of shoes. My mom is my best friend.

Q2. How do you see your body?

A2. Like a bowl of spaghetti...

Q3. Do you see that in someone else’s body too?

A3. I try to not compare. Uniqueness is intriguing.

Q4. What is convenience or inconvenience for you to be so flexible?

A4. What convenience for me is I can bend in half anytime, anywhere.

What inconvenience for me is straight handstands and squats are a struggle!

Q5. If you could change anything in the world, what would you like to change?

A5. Many things. Equality.

Jazmin LeFae <Contortion Straps>

Thank you! Jazmin!!!

Facebook : Jazmin LeFae

Instagram : jazzy.long.legs


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