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Mai Yamamoto Chabira <Aerial Silk>

Mai Yamamoto Chabira [Japan] : Aerial Silk, Synchronized Swimming


- Cirque du Soleil "Mystère"

- Cirque du Soleil "O"

Mai Yamamoto Chabira <Aerial Silk>

Q1. Could you describe yourself?

A1. I’m lucky. I’m blessed for being surrounded by such amazing and wonderful people in my life.

Q2. Why did you choose silk?

A2. I was a synchronized swimmer before and I thought the movement of aerial silk is similar to swimming.

Q3. What does it feel like to be in the air?

A3. I feel like I’m swimming.

Mai Yamamoto Chabira <Aerial Silk>

Q4. What is your favorite word?

A4. Yummy!

Q5. How does that word make you feel?

A5. When I find something delicious, I would like to tell everyone ;)

Thank you! Mai!!!

Instagram : mai_yamamoto_chabira

Facebook : Mai Yamamoto

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