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Mariko / Misa <Synchronized Swimming>

Mariko Sakai [Japan] : Synchronized Swimming

- London 2012 Olympics

- Cirque Du Soleil “O”

Misa Sugiyama [Japan] : Synchronized Swimming

- World championships 2013

- Cirque Du Soleil “O”

Mariko / Misa <Synchronized Swimming>

Q1. Could you describe yourself?

A1. Mariko : I have two personalities; one is speaking Japanese, another is speaking English. Trying to get these people together to feel more free.

A1. Misa : I'm a swimable yogi.

Q2. Which country's quality of water you like the most?

A2. Mariko : Can I say I like to be in the hot spring water? It always makes me better :)

A2. Misa : Maybe Japan...?

Q3. Ocean or sky?

A3. Mariko : Both

A3. Misa : Both

Q4. What do you want to do/try if you were a kid.

A4. Mariko : I want to learn many languages.

A4. Misa : I would like to be a dancer or go to circus school.

Q5. What is the big difference between Japan and USA?

A5. Mariko : The size of the portion. Walking distance in every day life. My emotional stability.

A5. Misa : How important it is to have (and tell) your own opinion.

Mariko / Misa <Synchronized Swimming>

Thank you Mariko and Misa!!!

Mariko Sakai

 Instagram : Mariko Sakai

Misa Sugiyama

 Instagram : misasugiyama33


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