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Rachel Karabenick <Dance Trapeze>

Rachel Karabenick [USA] :

Dance trapeze, Aerial pole, Chinese pole, Aerial hoop, Strap loops


- Aloft Circus Arts

- Cirque Mechanics

- Cavalia

- Cube Circus

Rachel Karabenick <Dance Trapeze>

Q1. Could you describe yourself in short sentence?

A1. I am passionate, loyal and caring. (I am a vegan and care about animals very much)

Q2. What does being in the air feel like?

A2. It’s the only time in my life when I feel totally present, and I don’t think about anything other than what I am doing in that exact moment. I find it very freeing - almost meditative.

Q3. What kind of emotions circus brings to you?

A3. I love to laugh and enjoy humor and comedy, but I am also very serious about my work. I guess I would say I feel many things from day to day. I try to be positive and to help others feel happy but there are times when I (like everyone I’m sure) feel overwhelmed by the world. This is when I’m most happy to have found something like circus - it helps me center myself, and channel the emotions I’m feeling into something physical. I find it therapeutic.

Rachel Karabenick <Dance Trapeze>

Q4. Do you feel like a different person on stage? How?

A4. On stage I feel like I just turn into a different version of me that is more intense, focused and not distracted by anything else going on in my life. I feel like I am myself, just a different, more confident me.

Q5. Which color is your favorite and why?

A5. I think I like different colors depending on the day. Some days I am in love with reds and pinks, and other days I gravitate towards blues and greens.

Thank you! Rachel!!!

Official website :

Facebook : Rachel Karabenick

Instagram : aerial_rach


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